Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Post 1 - 2016

Choose ONE to journal on:
1. Socrates believed in seeking an objective truth.  Do you believe there is a truth or rather many truths from many different perspectives?  If there are many truths, then how can we ever determine guilt in a court of law?  If there is an objective truth, then how can we make sure it is valid and not just the most powerful person's opinion?

2. How can 21st century science be used to prove that Heraclitus or Parmenides were correct? Is it "cheating" in your opinion to use modern day science to evaluate the philosophies of the Ancient Greeks?

Write a minimum of a full paragraph to answer of the prompts above. Don't just state your opinion - SUPPORT it. You are trying to make a persuasive argument.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Welcome to Philosophy!  I love teaching this class and am very excited to work with you.  I haven't gotten to teach this class since 2011 and I have missed it.  We will use this blog on average once a week as way to apply and digest the philosophies we are discussing in class to real life.  I look forward to reading what you write.