Friday, March 11, 2011

Post 6 - Free Will?

Give an example of a "decision" you made that was really just a response to stimuli and behavioral conditioning (Skinner's argument). Give an example of when you had free will (Sartre's argument). Which philosopher do you agree with more and why?

Post 7: Religious Philosophy

Last post of the term!
March 18th

(The purpose of this journal entry is NOT to promote any school of thought or to make you feel uncomfortable. If you are concerned about the content of this journal entry either journal about that or speak to me. Thanks.)

Choose the statement which best applies for yourself:
* As a believer, I argue that God exists using the following type of arguments....
* As an atheist, I argue that God doesn’t exist using the following type of arguments...
* As an agnostic, I argue that God could exist, but that we don’t have conclusive evidence using the following type of arguments...